MAC Haul!

November 4, 2011

This is from way back in September when me, my sis and another friend went to the Mac Warehouse sale. This is the second time we had went to the warehouse sale, but I didn't find myself liking as many things as I did the last time... but anyways this is what I got this time.
I got a little red tartan makeup bag. A bronzing powder in Refined Deeper Bronze. A Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW 50. A eye shadow that i'll probably use for highlighting in Veluxe Pearl. An eyeshadow palette in Leopard Luxe. An EsteĆ© Lauder lipgloss in blush. An eyeshadow in Girlish Romp. Another eyeshadow in Rani. A Bobbi Boss lip gloss in hot pink. A beauty powder blush in All's Good... i'm not too fond of this blush... I think I should give to one my more fairer complexioned friends... haha. A Bobbi Boss liquid Luminous Moisturzing foundation in Warm Walnut... I think the colour is a little off for me, but I love the consistency of it. An eyeshadow in Under Your Spell. An EsteĆ© Lauder makeup remover and lastly a free 'gift bag' that was really just a plastic bag with a disc sponge lol... the gift bags were much better the last time we went... maybe it was because it was Christmas. Adjoa will post her purchases perhaps in a later post. 

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